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awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! i'm glad you enjoyed it just help spread the word about it though ok?

On: Sep 09, 2011

lmao hey no one's life is perfect.....we dont know what happens after the cameras are turned off right?

Replied To: Love me Better Ch. 1 ()
On: Sep 08, 2011

she definitely doesnt have a butt but hey if that's what Trey likes that's on him!

On: May 16, 2011

i can honestly say i love being a Trey's Angel because of all the love #TheUnit shows us. They do so much for us like the whole Ultimate Angel i didn't win but just the fact it was there. Another thing is how much Trey does for us i mean who else goes on 3 tours then spends almost 2 months overseas and ugh just so much he really loves us and he shows us by always being on his grind to please us. although he's been missing out ustreaming for us but he tweets as much as possible and he's always working so for now that's acceptable but it wont be for long lol. but there's so much more i can say but i'll stop right there. i love being a Trey's Angel and i look forward for more years of being an angel.

On: Apr 07, 2011

i definitely can't make it i'm working at another club that night sorry....i'll be there in spirit and Keisha you really just gon put me out there huh???? smh!!!!

On: Mar 25, 2011
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I'm fun and outgoing i'm very friendly (i get told that all the time) i love meeting new people and have fun talking to my #TreyFam on twitter and my blackberry (so if you have a blackberry add me 22B8C8DE). i am a student majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business i plan to be a Corporate Lawyer for the Entertainment Business Dealing with the Music Industry. the main thing that attracts me to Tremaine Aldon Neverson AKA Trey Songz is his hardwork and dedication and all the time and effort he puts into his work and doing what he loves. it inspires me to be on my grind and work just as hard to be successful just like him and do what i love to do for the rest of my life. my favorite quote that i absolutely live up to everyday is "I'm on the biggest grind of my life right now and failure is not an option" - Trey Songz (Trey Songz: My Moment) ooo btw follow me on twitter @SimplyNoni. ooo and my Angel Name is Flamboyant Angel :) just had to say that.
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