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My "Simply Amazing" Valentine, well it wouldn't be anything. The love that I have for this man, are off the charts that no gift can compare with the feelings I have for him. Well what can I say, he's my best friend and now my soulmate. Everyday, he shows me how much he loves me with roses and cute teddy bears, he really is "Simply Amazing". Lol. With every story being told, us ladies has/have been through some tough times finding the "right one", I had mine all along. Were just too blind by being in the game. I then started to realize, I didn't need to dress up when I'm around him or have to impress. He keeps me sane, he's a great listener, he respects && loves me. Waking up everyday to him saying "Good morning Angel", is something you don't even get nowadays. That being said, and rereading this all over, I shall return to this amazing man because I truly miss him already. Everyone have a "Happy Valentines Day" <3
And thank you Trey for having this kind of thing going, because you get the ladies to open up a tad bit ;)
Take Care


On: Feb 12, 2013
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