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it sad to se no one commented on here well my father has it and a frind mine as well i been helping them buy promoting a good food diet or just healthier eating habits and excercise thats the main thing i really dont know what more to do but that is a start

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On: Mar 25, 2011

yeah i could go for it because i wouldnt want to have our relationship in the public eye and he might lose a lot of fans if they knew he was with somebody they wont look at him the same or the girl might get a crazy stalker that might want to kill the girlfriend and as long as he tellin me he love me and im seeing the benfits of that im ok cuz you got to look at the bigger picture you dont want his music sells to drop he wont have sold out tours and his name wont be as hot and you in the public eye now you cant do nothing everybody will be tryin to tear yall down and the relationship wont work so i guess i will say i can deal with it i will take a lot cuz i know whats behind it

On: Mar 25, 2011

i wouldnt mind the workin i have 2 kids and they will pack my bags and put me out the house if i didnt take the oppitunite lolbvs my maine things is i dont just want to be a thristy fan or just angel but i rather he know i more then just that but i believe he so much of a flirt he wouldnt mind the advances he probly get a kick out of it but if given that chance i would take it my kids will be ok cuz in the end im doing it for them to know they will have a better life

On: Mar 25, 2011

i would like for him to follow me @GloriaNeverson and i would also like to get my member card he do a lot for his angels i just wish i could do more for him not just as a fan but like work with him or even for him i would like to be apart of the movement #TEAMTREY i rather work then just be a thristy fan

On: Mar 24, 2011
Replied To: LUCKY LADY (Blog)
On: Mar 24, 2011
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im a big trey fan my friends call me a stalker i say it following my dreams tryin to mke it a reality lol i been a fan since just got to make it came out i got mad love for this man anything else about me you want to know just ask me
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