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On: Jul 01, 2010

??? Every girl wants to do it with Trey Songz and theres nothing else to it.!!! Yeah some girls wouldn't but as far as me, I would but we would have to be in a long relationship for that to happen... im not just gone say yes if he asked me like 2 days after we meet.!!! im not a one night stand.!!! ???

On: Jul 01, 2010

??? Trey Songz is a Real Man, and there is no THINK about it. He is a Real Man because he is a gentleman towards everyone, he knows how a woman should be treated, he respects his mother, and he has his head in the right place.!!! ???

On: Jul 01, 2010

??? I agree with Kejuana B. He is an absolute gentleman and every girl loves her a gentleman.!!! ???

Replied To: What do you think Trey best asset is? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 01, 2010

??? All of them of course... but my absolute favorite is the paragraph on his cheast.!!! ???

On: Jul 01, 2010
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