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Yea and we all dnt live to far from eachother lol, the crazy thing is I'm pretty sure all 3 of us have a friend or mutual friend in common....u kno bmore kinda small lol

Replied To: Baltimore or DMV Angels? ()
On: Nov 02, 2010

O Ok...Im 20, yea i missed him at the PPP. what part of bmore u live in? I live downtown not to far from the harbor

Replied To: Baltimore or DMV Angels? ()
On: Nov 02, 2010

wats ur twitter or just follow me old are u? are u goin to the OMG tour @ the arena?

Replied To: Baltimore or DMV Angels? ()
On: Nov 02, 2010

Hey I live in Baltimore...@Fine_ModedlChick is the twitter.

Replied To: Baltimore or DMV Angels? ()
On: Nov 02, 2010

Where is PT. 4??????>

On: Oct 25, 2010
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My name is Brittany, and of course I am a TREY FAN!!! and been one before he got signed. I signed up to be a member to give him my full support, and I am probably his #1 "Angel". I am very down to earth, humble, funny, and easy going. I act like a lady, walk like a lady and talk like a lady....but, i act like a bitch when it's necessary. You get respect only if you give it! But all around I am a very sweet, and considerate person:) Perfect for Trey;) I feel no need to go on and on and on because this isn't TREY himself asking me what kinda person I am....Better yet, take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see
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