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On: Sep 15, 2011

Yes that is a wonderful idea, even if Trey wasn't able to make, it would be a great way for Angels all over to meet and get to know each other...count me in :0)

On: Sep 15, 2011

Yeah i agree with TSAngel_Ty I like the questions Angela Yee ask Trey and they have so much fun when they are in the studio. Terrence J and Trey act like brothers always tripping on each other, their like jokesters when they are around each other, i love

On: Jul 29, 2011

Yeah I would def. buy one....they would probably be priced btwn 20-25 no more than 30, Target would be the best store to sell it through outside of the website since they promoted him so heavily during the release of PPP

On: Jan 18, 2011

Yes we definitely have to get the word out..follow me or go to my page and retweet the link...

On: Jan 08, 2011
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On 08/13/2010 "Mission Songz" was completed, Trey received his packaged and he loved it. 3 Days later @TreysAngels followed my circle is complete b/c Trey followed me on 12/03 which was the best early bday gift ever (laughs)..Anyway I am from SC, I am pretty laid back, I like to keep it drama free and I like to keep it real. I'm all about supporting the #TreyFam and #TreysAngels
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