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For those who say that they been contacting and hitting them up and haven't heard back yet, please be patient this is a process just like anything else, they get over 100 requests each day and it takes time to come up with a name that is not only fitting for you but also making sure you're not getting a name someone else already has,its just TWO of them its not like they have 20 ppl helping them so just be patient, please know that you're requests are not going unnoticed


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On: Dec 14, 2010

I had the opportunity to meet Trey on his Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour in ATL last month. Me and my friends has traveled from three different states to come and see him in ATL. When I first walked in he notice that I had on my white letting him know that I was one of his Angels. I had bought him a gift and when I gave him the box he said "Aww you got me a gift baby!" and when he opened it his face lit up like a kid at christmas I had bought him a pair of cuff links with his initials TAN monogramed on them & I also had the keepsake box engraved with "A Star Was Born 11/28/84". It made me happy because he was so appreciative he showed them to everyone that was in the room with us. He remembered who I was because he follows me on Twitter and I am always tweeting something to or about him,so once he finally met me he hugged and kissed me and thanked me and told me that he appreciated me sooo much. He is very observant he noticed that me and my friends were all dressed alike, we had all white with shirts that had either "Passion" "Pain" and "Pleasure" on the front with our Twitter names and what state we came from on the back, he liked it so much that he Tweeted about that was the greatest experience ever, he made me feel so comfortable & we talked like we've known each other for years. So I thank You Trey, you are a prime example of what a TRUE artist should be, your initiative and motivation speaks volumes and you make your fans feel like we are apart of you and that is what sets you apart from the rest & in my eyes there is no comparison =)

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On: Sep 14, 2010
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On: Mar 12, 2010
On: Dec 08, 2009
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On: Nov 28, 2009
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On 08/13/2010 "Mission Songz" was completed, Trey received his packaged and he loved it. 3 Days later @TreysAngels followed my circle is complete b/c Trey followed me on 12/03 which was the best early bday gift ever (laughs)..Anyway I am from SC, I am pretty laid back, I like to keep it drama free and I like to keep it real. I'm all about supporting the #TreyFam and #TreysAngels
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