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Soulfulinsight is a magazine based on all facts and not fiction, Cultural, and Environmentally Educational to read by all across the world; no matter how young or old you may be there is something for you to learn every day of your life so keep in touch with what really matters . Life is nothing to laugh or joke around with , you only have one so do the very best to preserve it. Soulfulinsight is a monthly magazine published by SistaSouljah Y.Y.Colon.All contents found in this magazine are fully protected and may not be dulicated in whole or in parts, without a written consent of their respective owner.The contents of the ads are of the responsibility of their owner.Soulfulinsight or it's parent company SistaSouljah Y.Y. Colon will not be held liable for any penalties that adhere to the ads,those penalties will be pass down to the owner of the ad. Some procedes go to the AIDS FOUNDATION. Thank You Publisher & Editor SISTASOULJAH Y.Y.COLON