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Maybe he will, New York, LA, FL, Chicago, the major cities of course get all the love. So I encourage him to consider some of the cities that he doesn't go to as often and some smaller cities.

Replied To: Where should Trey tour next???? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 14, 2011
Replied To: ANGEL IDENTITY (Blog)
On: Mar 12, 2011

@OhSoLuhvlee True, I second that. We (some trey fans) tried in the past but a few people complained that we Trey fans weren't being grateful. C'mon now we know he's busy and has a personal life but it's just so much fun and just great to see his face on those Ustreams. We should give it a try.@Anne B Maybe try this website,hope it works out for you.

Replied To: Trey on USTREAM (Forum topic)
On: Mar 11, 2011
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~A Trey fan since gotta make it love his music,support what he does~ I<3 fun & connecting w/ passionate, dedicated fun & driven people.Taking each day as a blessing, taking the best I have & making it better. As a music lover & Trey lover. So, it's no surprise that I love & enjoy his music. Whether he's singing about love, heartache, making it, living a dream or fullfilling a fantasy. I've always found myself moved<Of course he has that effect on women, but still Plus his love 4 his fans is incredible> I find myself humming his tunes, playing it while I'm cooking & sing his songs to/with the kids @ the daycare (the kids love LOL:) ) "Bottoms Up" lol).Which is why I jumped @ the chance to become a Trey's Angel, no ?s asked. Not 1 lucky enough to see Trey live, <bought tix to 2 shows didn't make it :( circumstances> still hope to 1 day go to a show. N-E1 who asks y I'm a fan I reply y not? It's almost impossible not to be. So, don't be shy hmu my fellow fans BONG!!!!♥
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