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Trey Songz, I've been a fan of his sense I seen your pic on google which was a while ago in 2007 i was 11 yrs old and thats when I realize how SEXY you was and your face, smile.... EVERYTHING is just so damn PERFECT. And now I really want to become a "Trey Angel" because I'm very dedicated to you already and I can honestly prove that to you... So give a girl a chance! to meet you or to just see you for one sec in person or just to have a conversation with you!
I love you Trey Songz but I'm not gonna say I'm your only fan because you have plenty out there but I can honestly say I am a Big Fan of your's.

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On: Jul 03, 2010
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Hey, my name is Kiana and I'm a BIG BIG BIG fan of Trey Songz.... I love everything about him..... but about me... hmm, I'm 16 and I am a cheerleader and a Junior at East High School in Denver,Co. I really hope to see Trey Songz here in Denver yet again.. But yea any questions feel free to ask! Bye Trey, -Kiana
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