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i know ive already wrote my im doing it again,please please please i beg you to pick me!!!!!! IM mad crazy in love with everything about you,its only one trey songz and your perfect the way you are ! ,i know you will get like 38463847348 people wanting this chance to meet you but truly from the bottom of my heart i love you and you dont understand how much you mean to me ! im slightly obbsessed with you!,but then wouldnt be ?? You've got the total package ,I admire the fact that you do what you love which is singing and you haven't given up ,Your voice is out this world ,the way you hit high notes is just gob stopping ! ,Love the way your friendly towards everyone and you actually do care about your fans ,There are a lot of things i would love to know about you so im praying to god that you give me a chance to ask you ,im actually on the verge of crying just writing this you dont understand how much this will mean , Trey youre perfect the way you are and keep up the great work as we will be all supporting you :) ! even if i dont get the chance to meet you ,just hoping you actually read this :) !,love you more than words can describe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On: Aug 05, 2012

I LOVE YOU! You don't know it yet but were going to get married and have half caste babies half black and half indian!!! , please make my life complete and let me see your beautiful face because you're SIMPLY AMAZING! ;) you see trey you get a girl with bit of banter ;)... I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! you're just absolutely BANGING! ,your voice gives me a orgy ,Also your an amazing individual , there's never anything bad about you in the media ,youre a wicked role model ,all of your songs are out this world you have so much sole and depth in your voice! I WILL ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING! ,Youre songs are so meaningful and have a lot of passion and you give your all! You dont understand how happy i get when i see you on the t.v ,Youre down to earth ,everytime i hear your songs it makes me smile :)! Favorite song has to be your side of the bed ,its got a lot of emotion and most people can relate to it .You have the most cutest smile and the most hottest bodies going !!!!! ,on top off all this your a true gentleman and have respect for women, You've been my crush since well forever ! This would mean a lot trey i would give up my limbs for you !!!!!!!!! You have a soulful voice and best rnb singer !!!! you can sing and rap i mean whats better than that,You should be very proud of yourself and everything that you have accomplished as you have made all you angles proud !! ,It doesnt matter whether your doing your sexual shiiz or your rapping you sound off the bloody hook!!!!!! Im literally like your stalker,i think your simply out this world !!,I Came all the way to america to see you FOUR TIMES! best person i have seen ! ....I love watching my moment because it actually feels like im in the room with you ,throughout the whole thing i have a massive smile on my face :DFollow you on twitter, instagram etc basically anything that involves you i will be doing , seriously wish i get this once in a life opportunity ,warning you i have a gheettto ,please pick me,i beg ,Love you xxx

On: Aug 03, 2012
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United Kingdom