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On: Jul 29, 2009

I gotta give it 2 Trey

On: Jul 29, 2009

lmao welcome

On: Jul 29, 2009

yea so look at it dat way lol, but u shud have known it wud b dat way he a singer...but it is sumbody else tho i think his name like TeamSongz23 or sum shit like dat cuz he started followin me on Twitter

On: Jul 29, 2009

Dat's a good ass question...cuz I know he is supposed 2 b at dis club on Friday and I want him 2 notice me or sumthin but I already kno that there will be hella gurls dere tryna attack him, n I'm not like dat...but u kno wut? It can happen tho. I had went 2 dis club n OJ da Juiceman wuz dere n all da fans wuz n dere goin crazy n shit but I wuz chilln (partly cuz I wuz fucked up lol), n he approached me(I did NOT kno he wuz dat short eww lol...dats besides da point lol) so u neva kno. All Im gonna say is dnt act like a groupie, jus b urself dats wut I do. If it wuz meant 2 happen it will...

Replied To: Feeling Myself (Forum topic)
On: Jul 29, 2009
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