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On: Aug 30, 2009

Thanks ya'll...i know imma wait it out, cuz I aint gonna buy a ticket and he's not gonna be will be too

On: Aug 09, 2009
Replied To: At The Tele Acting Silly (Blog)
On: Aug 03, 2009

if its a "Look Into My Life" kinda thing, then hellz yea...

if its a RayJ/FlavorFlav/RealandChance type of "MESS"

nope...wont watch

let me stop lyin...yea i'd watch it...but i'd be sad about it...lmao

On: Jul 31, 2009

April 12, 1987 BABY!!!


Replied To: Age Check!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 31, 2009
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