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No I wouldn't. I LOVE TREY TO LIFE but I would not lower my standards not even for Trey. If he really love me then he would get to know me for who I am as a person and see if we are compatabile for each other and then once he find that out, I believe he would respect my choice to wait and then see if our relationship would lead to marriage.

On: Aug 20, 2010

S E R I O U S L Y, its none of our business, We are his supporters/fans right? So why does it matter how many people he was involved with. To keep it really real, its not like anybody on this website is going to sleep with him so why does it matter and what different would it make if we did know how many people Trey was involved with. J E E Z E!!!!!!!!!!!

On: Aug 20, 2010

I would forgive him but it is totally wrong for a man to hit a woman just like it is wrong for a woman to hit a man. If it was me I know that I would want people to forgive me and seek help to prevent it from happening again. People always say he could of walk away, Sometime we do not have self control in time of anger and react.

I do not know what Trey is capable of doing,but if he did something like that I would forgive him cause if it was me I WOULD WANT PEOPLE TO FORGIVE ME AND HELP ME TO PREVENT SOMETHING LIKE THAT FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN. THATS ALL I GOT FOR THIS SUBJECT.

On: Aug 20, 2010

Yes, can Trey please come back to NEW JERSEY for another show? I feel we need him back.
Love you baby boy!!!!!

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On: Aug 20, 2010

I lOVE TREY, but can someone teach him how to dance and me more active in His Videos and when he is on tour. Nothing wrong with the two step from time to time but I want to see Him dannce. NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU TREY!!

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On: Aug 18, 2010
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