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Good evening your story was so touching and honest, I know how you feel I us to be that women. I let a man have so much control over my life that is didn't even love myself, so I understand what you are talking about. I was at that point in my life also at my lowest! I heard Gotta Make It and and listening to his interviews it turn my life around, I know it was nobody but God that bought Trey in my life at the time. When I'm feeling down and out My Motto is I Gotta Make It, I Can Make It and I Will Make It, All because of one man that answer the call that God has for him. I Thank God Every Day for bringing Trey in my life because of him I have met some beautiful Angel Sista's. So Sista keep your head up and keep on walking with God and everything is going to be fine.

On: Mar 11, 2013

Thank you Trey you are such a wonderful and talent man, you share a piece of yourself with us again and wow. You are so Amazing you are a inspiration to so many people including myself, I have so much respect for who you are and what you do. May God continue to Elevate you Higher and Higher. I love the Video had red puffy eyes on my way to work watch it on my way to work, don't know many times I done watch it. Thank you Thank you for sharing apart of yourself again with us.

On: Mar 11, 2013

See some one needs to bust Sharon in the head and knock done sense into her. She don't know squat about that man. SMH

On: Feb 28, 2013

My Girl STLGIRL4LYFE2010 AKA Aleen is back that's right girl put them boxing gloves on. Now we need Ty to come in the picture for y'all can double team these people. Shanell is going to need all the help she can get I believe ish finna get ugly and I know y'all got her and Trey back!!!!

On: Feb 26, 2013

Where is Aleen girl put your boxing gloves on, because you know they are going to come after Trey and Shanell.

On: Feb 22, 2013
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