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Hi,I just wanted to say to me... Trey Is soulful and his music Is beatiful, It's been a while since I've heard good music like his and Im a big music fan and I think my taste Is pretty much on point!!! Best wishes and many blessing to you Trey.....My God and his Angels keep you in all you do!!!!!!

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On: Jun 09, 2010

The first thing that attracts me to trey would have to be his eyes they tell his whole story from if he's happy;tired,exicted you can really see the windows of his soul through them.The other things that are beatiful about him is his style i like his swagg i like men who dress nice and classy and he's got his style on point! But the most important thing i like is his ability to remain calm,humble and fully in control it's always good to remain humble through life's up's and down's to me Trey come's off as a real cool,relaxed and totally the finest man God has made!!!

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On: Apr 24, 2010

Thas easy i would be his women because i would bring goodness,love,kindness and sexniess to his already blessed world!!!

On: Apr 24, 2010

VIRGO all the way>>>some of the best peole around

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On: Apr 23, 2010

If i could dance for Trey the song i would choose would be invented sex cause i can let me invent whatever he wanted for me

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On: Apr 23, 2010
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Hello Im Stacey i live in Orlando I like hanging out with friends and family,I enjoy music going to the movies and being a mom and also i enjoy working and I really like Trey Songz