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i would ask him how he became what he is ?and what kept him going?and tell him how fortunate i am to be speakin with him right now and start crying and not be able to speak that would make my day so happy

On: Jun 29, 2010

i love his smile and eyes they tell alot about him by just one look lol

On: Jun 29, 2010

exactly and i feel he doesnt even have to try hard to be liked either way he keeps it real a hunred percent thtas the thing fans love

On: Jun 29, 2010

i would say I NEED A GIRL

On: Jun 29, 2010

that would shock me but then id be like ur not gonna be after am done with you

On: Jun 28, 2010
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my name is stephanie iyawe and i am from nigeria and i love to sing and been here for 7 inspiration is trey songs and marvin gaye and so many others.but my dream is to change the world with my voice and too meet trey song for ma 18th bday on august 26th
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