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I'm an individual that is very focused and goal oriented. Plan on putting my two degrees to work. Love shopping I love it so much that I have too much stuff. My passion is to encourage others to believe in their selves and making sure they stay on the right track.
Somewhere in GA but 314 till I die
Shop,Read,and interior design
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TLC Jodeci and any 90s music
United States
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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Does everyone profile appear the same way with like a huge blank space and then you have to stroll down to see comments or post because it's kind of ignoring to me

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Thank you so much for your comment on You been giving your support by reading my stories since the first one and I am so appreciative of that. Your feedback really means a lot so I thank you for your words and hopefully your continued support girl. :)

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Lol Girl. Well damn has to be your favorite quote by Trey. But I have an explaination to the ending of the story on the final chapter to Whatever Your Want