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I love to have fun. Im very out going. I dont like to stay in the house and be couped up looking at the wall because I dont like watching tv that often unless its something really good on tv like THE GAME TV SHOW. I would one day like to spend the whole day with Trey Songz just to get to know him a little better he seems like a incredible person from a distance but I would like to get to know him personally. That is one of my biggest dreams. I am a future actress. You will soon see me on television, maybe in one of your favorite shows. That is also one of my biggest dreams. I am a full time college student. I dont have any kids. Demalicious is my nick name that my favorite aunt gave me because I am a born star. When she or any body else calls me that name I even fill like a star. Demi is my real name.
St. Louis
acting, going to school, singing, writing, listing to music, and doing creative exsercises for the brain like digital painting
United States
Demi Stovall
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I love you Trey call me if u can
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My wings are up and ready to fly to you Trey.