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i think trey should pick a minimum of three people from this every other month n visit them.

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On: Jul 07, 2010

trey songs chest says " To god I pray may April's showers rain down on her Forrest and grow the strength that started with one a Rose." April, Forrest and Rose r his mother, brother n grandmothers names.....

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On: Jul 07, 2010

no becuz he doesnt look like the type of man to hurt a gurl n make them want to cheat on him.behind his stage play n all tht he sholud b a great man to b with so no i wouldnt cheat on him

On: Jul 07, 2010

his looks for one and how he love his music he does he put sooo much love n work n his music u can tell by the way he sings n frm his show bcuz he does it for his fan n family n all them people give him love in which tht love goes to his music.

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On: Jul 07, 2010

if trey songz knocked on mi door i probably wouldnt say nun at all i will b too nervous n suprised tht he is at mi house honestly i would b shakin alot tryin to tlk to him. he is so kute though so who wuldnt b scared!!!!!!

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On: Jul 07, 2010
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well to start , i cum from the north side of ohio and im in the 10th grade. i love to sing rnb music im hopon to become a singer songwriter by time im 18/19 i pray about tht every day. im a very chilled and relaxed gurl lookin for a good future tht will make me n mi famz proud.
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