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I've never heard it, but if so it's honest of him to admitt it. More then 50% of the population have it and that doens't excluded him he's not a god (even tho he has a body of a god) . So I would say be more carefull in the future. Still love him and his music

On: Jul 14, 2010

EVERYTHING!!!!! His smile his VOICE OMG! it makes every song of him good and every collaboration. I could not imagine my music choice without trey songz in it no no no..His body, if this is how all the men look like in heaven I want to die today hahahaha and his way of being to damn cute, he is just the whole package.. To bad that you don't have many men like him walking around on this planet....

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 14, 2010

I woud firts turn num like aduuuhh, retarded that kind of stuff, but then he would make me feel comfortible and then the conversation would start with a whole lot of stutter from my side hahahaha

On: Jul 14, 2010

Mine would be "I don't love you" Because of the mellow beat and he sings so sweet, The lyrics are like you never want a man to sing that to you cause it will break your heart...But it's just the way how he sings it makes me want to listen to it everyday of my life..YUUPP!!

On: Jul 14, 2010
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I'm a single and fun Gemini lady, that's full of energy and using it for good things like having fun with my girls, work outs, work,sex(hahahha gotta love it) school and things I still want to do, like bungeejumping even tho I fear hights, want to know more I have facebook so don't be afraid to ask (I won't bite even if you want to)