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Here I am trying to do things out of my own pocket and I see some of the same angles on here like this really showing me really no one deserve it but a few....that's crazy. I know I really don't want my money going towards the wrong person

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen (Forum topic)
On: Jan 21, 2012

@SSHorty I see you are a very rude female who really just like to discourage girls hopes mainly cause you didn't get your chance just yet. @Ms. Nalston thank u so much cause you clearly said everything better than I could have

On: Jan 21, 2012

man i don't know how you would feel but I had to tell the web crew about this. This is amazing and I can't wait till the next one comes out. God will bless you

Replied To: Story - Made To Be Together (Forum topic)
On: Jan 07, 2012

Do they have any on sale now

Replied To: vip tickets (Forum topic)
On: Jan 06, 2012

omg i stayed up all night catching up. I read all of DOES SHE KNow and caught up to this. im going to need for the other half to be posted....This is a good tv show waiting to happen n good book release ready to make millions.

Replied To: Story - Made To Be Together (Forum topic)
On: Jan 06, 2012
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