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February 14

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  • I think Trey should do some shows in Italy that would make alot of people happy. People in the states are so lucky hopefully we can get some love here. Love you Trey

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January 15

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What to say about me well I serve in the United States Air Force currently stationed in Italy. I love to cook with a passion, read books, gain more knowledge, sleep, and just chill. I'm from GA and I have 2 other siblings a younger brother and older sister. I have awesome parents too always vert supportive. I pretty much stay to myself because alot of people aren't worth my time and I cannot stand wasting my time. I'm single no kids so I just chiil, go to work, and do homework for school. Knowledge is power. Music keeps me from losing all my sanity. I love Trey Songz to death calms my nerves everytime I hear him but in a non psycho way. Well that's about it anything else just ask.
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