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I want to know who do I make a formal complaint with. I am a mom who paid for Platinum meet and greet tickets for my daughters 21st birthday and made sure she got to Wisconsin and we are rom Chicago. When she arrived the staff acted as if they could'nt read her tickets and did not place her in her proper seating. She never got the meet and greet photo or laminated lithograph authograghed by you and commemorative laminate. I am very upset because I work hard for a living and I did my part as a mom and customer for my daugher who is a big fan and right now i feel slighted. can somebody please notify me. My number is 773-876-6652 or

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On: Feb 28, 2012
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I wanted to know who do i speak with about the bad treatment my daughter received in Wisconsin. I paid alot of money for the platinum package for her 21st birthday as well as traveling from Chicago to get her their and they first did'nt want to give her the proper seats nor her meet and greet individual photo, no lithograph that were suppose to be autographed. All she got was a wristband. I am very upset because as a working mom I wanted my daughter to have the best day possible and that did not happen due to the staff at this facility. I want to know hwo do I make a formal complaint with.
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