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A simply amazing valentine's day is simply being with the one i love. Take off work early and set up a getaway night where there will be no one else but me and him. The focus, the atmosphere, everything will be about him and me and this one night away from the reality even if it is only for a single night. A nice suite with a hot tub, wifi video games (lol) and as much food room service that we want for ourselves. Give a sensual massage to him with warm scented oil and make him so comfortable. Then put on slow jams from oldies to new style like Marvin Gaye and isley brothers to Maxwell and Color me Badd. And no need to get into more details but short bersion, have a wonderful and creative night falling sleep on each other, skin to skin and hating that the sunrise to the next day will shortly be coming up. Yup, that will be a simply amazing valentine's day.

On: Feb 14, 2013
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Los Angeles
I love listening to music as much as I love singing it. I love drawing anime(japanese cartoons) but is still a learner of new and different styles. I love to dance though I must admit Im not very good but feeling the beat and expressing myself in many ways is what just describes me.
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Sheun'Tae Morisette
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