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i love the fact that i can sit with my 72yr old mom have a glass of wine and enjoy ur music.on many nights i have fallen asleep with ur cd playin.not to mention how many of ur songs i have as ringtones.not to many out here make true to the heart good music and u r among them.

On: Apr 08, 2011

i've been a bad Angel.i havn't posted any comments in awhile.anyways we had a great weekend spent time with the fam and listened to some good music.can't get enough of Treys i'm just tryin to get some of my fam and friends to become Angels.hey ladies it's just $30 a year

On: Apr 03, 2011

me and my girls went to Skate Depot for adult skate and had a ball.and i just so happen to run into another Angel.i wish i would have gotten her info.go team Trey

On: Mar 23, 2011

i finished my survey a few days ago.i also did some shoppin i love love my new Trey's Angel gear

On: Mar 22, 2011
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