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i appricate for the letter that u wrote ur fans and team angle. i love u and i am one of ur biggest fan. i love ur music, my god bless ur more with the best. keep ur head up high and keep god in ur life.

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Aug 30, 2012

p.s and be in atlanta ga, i live in georgia

On: Jul 24, 2012

i will try to make the concert. that will be a birthday treat for me. my birthday is oct27.

On: Jul 24, 2012

i love the video. it show that u get really stronger for this persons. and do anything to keep them and your life. true love. that why love the video and songs. your biggest fan tarsha clowers.

On: Jul 24, 2012

love it . keep doing ur thing love u. i am one of ur biggest fans.

On: Jul 05, 2012
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i am outgoing sometime. i treat people. who they treat me. give respect. when give to me. i spreak my mind. and do not hold anything back.
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