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More......More.......More.......ok cold shower

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Jan 28, 2011

One oclock in the morning and I am just finding diaries 2. They were gonna make me lose my mind up in here talking bout my baby.......oops I mean Essence's baby. Damn why does every fine black man gotta be gay. Can't they just be fine to death and so very talented. Wait a minute this just a story. leggo

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Jan 14, 2011

Please, please, please, Trey and Essence are the ish!!!!!

On: Dec 20, 2010

Awwww I was on pins and needles. She got her man back. @ RedLipstickOn.. I wanted that quickie too. Shower time. Essence please dont let this be the end cause i am fiending for more..............Trey should read this. I think that he would love it

On: Dec 15, 2010

This cant be the end of the story. I just sat hear and read it from beginning to end. I love it. Essence your imagination is like mine. Keep it cuming. I want more!!!!!!

On: Dec 11, 2010
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