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Tammi C.


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It's been an hour now...Happy New Year everyone! Going to call it a night.

On: Jan 01, 2013

Is it working for anyone yet, cuz I don't see anything happening yet.

On: Dec 31, 2012
On: Jan 19, 2012
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Tammi C.
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Huge Trey Songz fan! I remember when I bought his mixtape off the street in 2004 mainly because I thought he was so fine. Then after listening to the mixtape, I was like whenever he puts out a cd I am definitely going to buy it and support him. The rest is history. I'm 26 and live in Tampa, FL. I work for the VA and graduated with my MBA last year. Yeah! (in my Trey Songz voice) When I'm not working, I love to hang with my friends, watch movies, and shop.
United States
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