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Tammy Daniels


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Capricorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trey we honest, real, wont ever stir you wrong just know you can leave all them other signs alone.

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On: Mar 09, 2010

i mean I AM IN LOVE with trey but to be honest i would act as if he was any other person. although he's not thats just how i would act. honestly.

On: Mar 09, 2010

yea when i saw the pictures of her and trey together i thought to myself what a cute couple. then i thought damn no chance for me lol i hope you find the girl of your dreams tremaine who knows where she may pop up.

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On: Mar 09, 2010
On: Mar 06, 2010
On: Mar 05, 2010
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Tammy Daniels
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well as you know from recent information you have recieved from me my name is Tammy my birthday is january,11,1992 and I am very much interested in TREY SONGZ and his life. i love to write poem,songs,plays and pretty much everything else doesnt even matter.