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Replied To: Can't Be Friends (Video)
On: Sep 22, 2010

well your mom knows that he is a grwon ass man and if she feels like that he is going to do something to make her dislike him then you dont need to go, or go with someone else. ell your mom to lighten up and let you have some fun, hes not making the gestures to you personally hes ding what he has to do to make money. lol so, she will get over it, if not oh well who cares.

On: Aug 11, 2010

i am on the fence about that because there are so many people that love him and his music at any age. So i really cant say if there should or there shouldnt be an age limit. But im 25 so i can get into any of his concerts and hopefully receive some back stage yep!!!!!

On: Aug 11, 2010
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i love all iof his music, it touches me and it moves me in a special way. i wish him all the best luck in the world. he is going to be the next big thing from now and until the future. He also has a terrific body and i love his smile, iwake up every morning to here his songs.