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definiately not faint and not go ..............i'll dance, sing, smiling from ear to ear OMG i would hope that the moment be geartfully remembered

On: Aug 23, 2010

yep yep keep it real lady every one saying not for his money or fame but we know half of u faking

for me i probably would marry him.......a cool down to earth friendship is fine with me u know he call me up i do the same ...make sure each other in check....dueces....i probably couldnt deal with that life style but who knows

On: Aug 16, 2010

for me it would be termaine all the way.....i will try to keep it real but i will also walk with a list of things that i want to say cuz keep it real i just met not say anything

On: Aug 16, 2010
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i'm cool, lay back chic, but i'll let u know wen ur moving LEFT......
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