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i luv my life i gotta enjoy every minute of it cuz lifes way 2 short. my besties r sabine n keyshar dats it, i stay by my gurls side always. my man is always on my mind n i got his bak he got mines.i luv the fact that im smart beautil n a child of god. wateva happens i stay happy, not always. i kno who i am n i dont need anyone 2 tell me who i am .i love purple, i love to play basketball,i love music especially R&B.i hate skool but i try to do my best to get good grades and i do.i love football and it seems dat all the boys i know love football so i get along with it and now i love it.i hate people who think there all that, i love babies especially my god sister she is so CUTE, i have lots of friends i care for them. people talk bout me but i don't care as long as i know who i am i don't have to worri bout nothing. i love trey he's one of of the best r&b singers in the game. love ya. duces.