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Replied To: Tweet @TreySongz (Forum topic)
On: Nov 09, 2010

Hey Angels! send some love Trey's way and comment on the discussion, Smiles, Laughter, Hugs and Smiles! I think he can use a little bit of all!

Replied To: Welcome 2 The Angels Vault NOW OPEN 24/7 (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010

LMAOOOOOO! @Char!!!!!! Girl u always losin focus!!!!! tryna put that red lipstick on Trey....but #justsayin, I def. got that red lipstick in my makeup bag just in case! LMAO!

Replied To: Smiles, Laughter, Hugs, and Smiles (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010

Damn I wish I could hug you right now Trey!!!!

Replied To: Smiles, Laughter, Hugs, and Smiles (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010

Hey Angels! Everybody go show Trey some love on Discussion Smiles, Laughter, Hugs and Smiles......there's nothing like a LOAD of encouragement, and I think our boy can use some....Leggggoooooo!

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010
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I'm a Grown and Sexy woman that is undoubtedly infatuated by Trey. His music, his demeanor, his personality, his goofiness, his swag...everything about Trey is enticing and I hope to sit down with him one day and have an intelligent, funny as hell, intriguing, and meaningful conversation. are sooooooo dreamy! Twitter - @TashaFearce
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