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Trey looks xo good a wish em a lotta success in everythang cause he always does it BIG!
A loVe You...! triGGer

On: Jul 07, 2012
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I'm a real genuine, honest, loving,confident, kind person who looks at life in all angles and I'm never judgmental, i can mix with any ethic, origin and any types of crowds, I'm not a fighter I'm a lover but still strong enough not to get walked by all others or get the piss taken out of me,i live by my heart and soul and I usually use my head in making decisions. I know lots of ladies may be like this or like that but, there is very few, if any that are like me and i don't have a big head or vein at all but i do actually know who i am and how a real person is suppose to be, i don't cheat and never have and i know it may be hard for anyone to believe but honestly i never lie unless it's to the police.
Lawrenceville GA
United States of America
Am into sports...Swimming is ma favorite, watching soccer, basketball,..traveling, writing articles perhaps a will write a book one day,am into drawing,taking photographs, playing piano,i love music therefore a luv dancing...and trying new different things
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u should definitely do...dat will be awesome! Though am nat one of Treys Angels yet lol!