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This is so beautiful, I love everything that this man does with a passion. He is so inspirational and passionate about all that he does. I love being one of Trey's Angels and will always be a true fan no matter what. Trey, you truly are just simply amazing. <3

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Sep 07, 2012

Gemini!!! Hell yea!! lol (May 24th!) :)

Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: May 12, 2010

our wedding would juz b beautiful and amazing :)

On: May 12, 2010

I would have to say ''Neighbors know my name'' i juz luv dat song, i can juz listen to dat ova n ova again!

On: May 12, 2010
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Well heres a lil bit about myself.. The name is Tatiana. 18. Mixed with black and italian. From New York..(Brooklyn!) Currently living in Florida. Love Trey Songz cause hes my inspiration and his music is amazing. I love him and all of his music. If you want tho.. Hit me up and get 2 know me better. Follow Me On Twitter (@Juz_Tatiana) And/or hit me up on Facebook ( iight. Im Out(:
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