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Anticipation: on top, scratchin me up, make it rain,
you belong to me, it would be you
PPP: love faces, alone, massage, made to be together
doorbell, red lipstick-interludes

On: Jul 11, 2011

Very good ideas on here i like "Far from gone" and by"phaze 5"
I Came up with "forever yours" , "all of me"," Trey songz vs Tremaine"
I can't think of anything else right now.

Replied To: Name Trey's 5th Album (Forum topic)
On: Jul 05, 2011

I loved trey's performance the only part i didn't like was when he was shaken and singing at the same time. Other than that i loved the performance with him and Kelly could anyone else tell that he wanted to do something on stage he eyes was like damn lol

Replied To: BET Performance Was Amazing , Right ?? (Forum topic)
On: Jun 27, 2011


On: Jun 26, 2011

Oh snap! This getting real good you gotta continue today.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: May 08, 2011
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