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Replied To: Trey's Next Single Announced! (Blog)
On: Jan 26, 2010
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I'm a lovable person and attract all kinds of people around me because people love me. I am a student, independent and always looking forward a good time. My mom is my everything. Without her, there is no me and I thank her for deciding to have me. The Lord had a plan when he created me. I am special as all should think they are. I am passionate about what goes on in life and "I'm just trying to make it", like Trey said. No man but hey I am still happy being single and living my dream. I don't try to be perfect because I am who I am and I can only grow from my experiences. I can't wait to turn 25 and one day I hope to meet Trey Songz again other than the autograph signing. I think he and I will have a great time together. (Blinks right eye) lol I'm humorous as you can see. One day I would like to start a family after I establish my career. I'm just a town girl who is looking to make the best out of life. You can love me or hate me. I still love you at the end of the day.
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