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214-477-3579 I'm in the DFW AREA also

Replied To: Dallas Tickets!! ()
On: Nov 15, 2012

Pre Sale tomorrow @10 am

Replied To: Dallas Tickets!! ()
On: Nov 14, 2012

I saw that too, and I was wondering the same thing...I wish someone would let us know because I can go to the show in houston before all of the good seats are sold out..

On: Nov 02, 2012

Any angels here going to the Dallas show hit me up...

On: Nov 02, 2012

I didn't win...I was wondering the same thing :(

On: Oct 10, 2012
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Hello everyone my name is Latonya and I am from Shreveport Louisiana. I am the mother of 2 boys who I love dearly. I now reside in Texas of which I have been a resident for 4 years now. Not too much free time because I am in school pursing my degree in Nursing!!!!
I enjoy doing things that are family oriented, hanging with my friends, and traveling...
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Trey Songz( ok he is not a band, but I love his band too, lol) and Monica....those are my favorite artist
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