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August 31

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  • If you will be attending the event this Friday at IBIZA Night Club in DC, I strongly urge that you get there early. General admission prices will start at $20 at the door.

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August 12

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  • September 4th Trey Songz will be in D.C. at club IBIZA. If your in the area come's going to go HAMMMM!!! He will be celebrating the release of READY.

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  • The Song Is Delivery Boy....If You Haven't Heard It, I Guarantee You Will Be Going To Sleep It.

    Tell Me What You Think....It Should Be On The Album. Just Needs To Make It Longer.

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July 24

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July 23

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Hello Trey Songz Fans! I currently work under one of Trey Songz Management Teams. I work for his tour manager who sets up venues for Trey in the DMV area, as well as Chicago and Atlanta. Im from Baltimore, MD. I currently attend a Community College where I'm studying Sports Management. I also model part-time as well. Im 21 and yes I'm a Bachelor ladies lol!!! Working with Trey's Management I have a job title of handling Venue appearances of Trey. Meaning if there is a club he is having walk-through of or an actual performance, i have to go ahead of time to make sure VIP is in order, bottle list is correct, guestlist is correct, oh and make sure the promoter has that MULLAHHH!! 7/11/09 was my first big assignment. it consisted of preparing for a concert he was doing earlier that day, and then a club later that night. I really enjoyed it, and with READY about to drop, a lot will be goin on. It's hard work, but much more fun. Ladies holla at me if your in the DMV area.
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Hey My name is Chris and i would like to know you could check out my lyrics on my page and let me know if i have what it takes to appraoch a star in da bizzness i mean i know i can but i also value and appreciate feedback. And good luck with the degree i got mine in the same field as well ASU 09. CWhit

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What did you say your name was??!!
and 2nd(ly)am from London and i feel really left out cos um no tours are in place for us...You should hook us know??!!you want me to do the marketing n all,a will just kindly help me out here..N u must very ambitious as that's really CHALLENGING-i admire that

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Hi, what time and where will Trey be appearing in ATL?

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i am interested in helpin out me and reese really go hard for trey and we would love to help out. although im constantly traveling hit me up i would love to help out as much as possible. I am already a promoter in DC but would love to do more :) hit me back soon!

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I am VERY interested in helping out I live right in the middle of DC but going to VA && MD is No problem!! Could you give me more details?

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Teamsongz23's picture

of course i'll let u know.
u have twitter?

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hey; i'm definitely interested in coming to the club and wearing the tshirt to promote for trey! could you let me know more details?!

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Lol don't say that! Twitter is for Everyone

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I'm so not cool enough for twitter.