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yup i ordered mine in september as well and i live in jamaica and i still am yet to receive mine

On: Nov 23, 2012

hello angels, my issuse is that i am yet to recieve my angel pin, i sent an email and no one has replied to me as yet would like to know whats going on. Thank You.

On: Dec 28, 2011

i loveee this idea!

On: Jul 29, 2011

it was not rescheduled. the meeting took place. it was just about the behavior of some angels, lying, hating on each other, being hypocritical; claiming to love trey but speaking about him negatively. That what the meeting was basically about.

Replied To: Emergency Meeting ()
On: Jul 15, 2011
Replied To: NEW MERCH: SLEEP SET (Blog)
On: Apr 29, 2011
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