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LOL, im 29 and not ashamed to be a Treyfanatic ......say what you want he is super sexy and talented.

On: Oct 08, 2010
On: Sep 08, 2010

The Mobile, Al show was phenomenal, i enjoyed every single second of it. Every was perfect with the exception of the mic going out one time but i doubt many noticed it. he took his time and gave a great show and it was an experience of a lifetime. I heard of a text to win and unfortunately did not see that at the show. I think i could watch that man perform everyday all day. i love trey.

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On: Aug 07, 2010

Love the all the new things Trey and his camp is doing, he is really putting hmself out there. The charm bracelet idea was great and i cant wait to get mine. Well after a month of trying to get in the V.I.P for the tour opener in Mobile i am sad to say i didnt get in. The VIP package sales in sets of two and unfortunately none of my friends wanted to spend the money. I even tried to win a spot in the souncheck party through the radio but no luck i didnt win. But i will be there on row 5 still enjoying and supporting you Trey. Maybe i will get a photo opp and meet and greet on the next go round, im not givng up.

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On: Aug 04, 2010

The VIP tickets are higher in my city than others and we have no platinum seating. This probably the venue and not Trey but VIP is a once in a lifetime and would be a great sacrifice

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On: Jul 08, 2010
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