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@BOBBI I agree w/ this "I'll never knock someone for who they like, but I'm irritated by those certain on-off Angels" ...and this is what caused Trey to win by only a few more votes in the Singeroom contest. We all think he deserves to win, but we have to put in the effort of voting...

On: Oct 11, 2011

When is the deadline to register to become a Sleep Walker, since Im not able to be there to walk?

On: Oct 11, 2011

Dont know if u can vote for both, bt if not Trey gets my vote! I unfollow bc of the annoyance!

On: Oct 11, 2011

*clears throat*

I like & support MANY other artists besides Trey! However, as a TREYS ANGEL, when it comes time to voting for either artist in the same category, Trey gets my vote EVERY TIME! No question abt it! I dont get caught up in the drama that goes on between TreysAngels/TeamBreezy bc I never see it! I follow maybe 2-3 TreysAngels/TeamBreezy bc it is VERY irritating to see the drama & the thirst that they have for CB, I mean its truly worse than us Angels sometimes, lol! Best thing to do is unfollow ppl, this is what I did during the FANDOMODUIM during the BET AWARDS. There were 2 Angels blasting for CB when they shud had been showing support for Trey. It got very annoying so I just unfollowed!

BTW who are u voting for Fav AMA Award for Soul/R & B?

On: Oct 11, 2011

@African Beauty Neverson Do u have a twitter? Trey & TreysAngels tweeted about it several times! It is also on the "HOME" page of this website! :) Also FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, I got an email from the USTREAM crew. So many ways of being informed sweetie! :)

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On: Oct 11, 2011
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