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Replied To: IAWHD RECAP (Blog)
On: May 03, 2011

WELL SAID MOMMA! Thats what its all abt, T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)!
We luv each other, we luv Trey more, support him more=great Angel Fam!

On: May 02, 2011

Happy Belated Bday Angel sista!

Replied To: birthday tweet ()
On: May 02, 2011

Its funny you ladies shud mention about supporting other artists...I wanna say that someone said something to me abt supporting another artist. I luv music & if you are singing the right music, it sounds good & I like it, Im going to support you by FIRST buying your music. Dont let me be on twitter & tweet another artist abt their cd being great, or I luv this song, or I think ure sexy, or something like that...pfftt! I have noticed & also witnessed other angels bashing other angels bc of that..smh, now I dont think thats fair AT ALL! Trey is my fav artist, true enough, but hes not my ONLY fav artist! I think ALL Angels should respect each other, no matter who else they may support. When I come to, my sole purpose IS to show my support. However, Im not going to bash another Angel, or member, just bc they may show another artist support, thats just wrong!

On: May 02, 2011
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Im one of the most down to earth, friendliest persons you'll ever meet. I love to have fun fun fun! I enjoy spending time w/ family, watching movies, going to various places and events, playing all types of board/card games, reading, and really just doing ANYTHING thats fun. Although I enjoy music, my passion is photography. I love taking pics of any and everything, I have been a Trey Songz fan since 2005. Ill never forget the VERY first time I heard "Gotta Go", nor will I forget the VERY first time I met him! He's such a sweetheart! I am so proud to be a TreysAngel bc Trey is a great example of one of the best humanitarians and cares deeply for his fans! I am happy to help w/ ANY of his movements! Follow me on Twitter @TeeTimme AngelNickName: #TenaciousAngel LEGGO!
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