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Yes daily! Shakoya said if u log in and then log out u can vote more than once a day!

On: Oct 11, 2011

@Bobbi :)

@Preshiarerica I luv to hear Trey sing Jupiter Love live! Absolute perfection! I dont think I wud be able to handle Scratchin Me Up or In the Middle. My mind...wud wonder & Id have to change clothes, lol!

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On: Oct 11, 2011

@TeeTimme I follow back

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On: Oct 11, 2011

@Numba1Hon I dont know if the proxy votes blocked other votes, but Singerooms said those votes wudnt be counted. Makes me think MOST of Lloyd's votes may have been proxy??? But according to the numbers u posted he didnt win by much. Most ppl think if they cant get something out of what they do they wont do it at all! Sad, yes I know!

And I had no idea that u cud send out a mass message on twitter! SOunds complicated bc u have to download another program to do it. If Trey wanted to get the message out he wud have tweeted it, which I dont remember him doing, nor TreysAngels. So those that participated did an EXCELLENT job! *pats self on back* :)

@GimmeUnusual I do wish more wud participate!

@JIS IT made me very upset how they were treating them & his Mother! I was like "Wow, thought we were better than that!" :(

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On: Oct 11, 2011

I come to you today in prayer Lord to thank you for blessing us w/ a very talented young man that is seeking out his destiny! I pray that u continue to guide him EVERY DAY, giving him the strength to endure the every day struggles of life and never forgetting how he got there! In all these things I ask of your son, Jesus Christ name I pray..AMEN!

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On: Oct 11, 2011
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