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On: Sep 27, 2011
Replied To: SAFARI TREY (Video)
On: Sep 26, 2011
On: Sep 22, 2011

@Tiana LOL! Stuck to him like glue huh!

Well....30 minutes after the intial SHOCK of actually being able to be w/ him for an entire HOUR...I wud then be calm enuff to talk to him, ask questions Ive always wanted to ask. In NOLA @ Essence I walked right up to him, said "sup Trigga", put my arm around his rib cage, gave him a hug, then asked for a kiss. And how was I able to do all of this? Bc he was wearing those dark sunglasses! I was still able to see his eyes only a lil.... had those sunglasses been off I wudda been MUTE, lmao!

@Lucy_Mae u a DFW Angel, right? The M & G in Dallas, was it at the Redbird Mall? Chile I know what u mean! I hadnt seen Trey since 2007, so it was like meeting him all over again! I walked up to him, gave him his bday card, he said "thank you baby" after I said "Happy Birthday Trey" and I forget all other thoughts that were in my brain! I had 3 other questions I needed to ask, but who remembers what they were...

Replied To: ONLY 1 HOUR WITH TREY!! ()
On: Sep 21, 2011

11.1.11 is gonna be #EPIC Im takin the day off bc Im not gonna be able to take it!!!

On: Sep 19, 2011
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