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Thank you...much appreciated I have just emailed them hope it comes soon :D

Replied To: Membership cards ()
On: Apr 16, 2011

Yehhhh its unfair and i'm sure most angels got their tickets for the first long as he notices his UK angels like those in the US will be great..I can't wait for the concert!

Replied To: UK Fan date - 5th April ()
On: Mar 04, 2011

It's really difficult for UK Angels to get tickets for concert dates because Trigga is so amazing his dates sell out so fast. In the future, prior to the concert would it be possible for a pre-sale link/code to be available on here so that we get first pick on seats and meet and greet.

On: Mar 04, 2011

There's still seating tickets left row m, k etc - if you want them that is -

Check the link

Where it says section put circle for seated!

Replied To: Pre-Sale Codes? ()
On: Mar 02, 2011

Stalls standing is near the stage but isn't seated...the floor space is quite big and its sloped tooo so you will still have a good view if you're standing far back.

Replied To: Pre-Sale Codes? ()
On: Mar 02, 2011
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