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tenisha loves songz


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lucky u mimi, im hoping to get tickets real soon.

On: May 02, 2010

i kept trying but i still cant get any, those tickets on seatwave are expensive and ur not even meeting him. my trey baby is coming to london and im not even goin to c him, im so gutted, lifes not fair.

On: May 01, 2010

why only wags, wat do they know bout trey songz. im so disappointed as well dat i cant go. ive been looking forward 2 c trey songz for a long time and now all the tickets r gone.

On: Apr 30, 2010

so u have vip tickets den. i dnt know where the afterparty is, which i did.

On: Apr 30, 2010

i found tickets but they r in the balcony area, dnt want them want 2 b as close to my trey baby. im so disappointed.

On: Apr 30, 2010
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tenisha loves songz
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