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Wow @ ya'll bumpin this old post of mine lol but thanks @babidollface1 I did have fun that night, Trey's like a big bro. He's really great and very kind hearted :)
lol @ariel girl you know you got some pics of you all snugged up with him too :p but thanks :)

On: Dec 29, 2010

lol @ariel. i like how u said that. imma steal that if u don't mind ;)

Replied To: to know trey (Forum topic)
On: Aug 09, 2009

lol @ ariel...i just want everyone to know the basics.

@acrazyli i see why "crazy" is in yo name lol i kid i kid but i don't have an email, i don't think no one does

Replied To: to know trey (Forum topic)
On: Aug 08, 2009

DOB 11/28/84
Born in Richmond, VA
Raised in Petersburg, VA
Raised by single mother: April
Father's name: Claude
Siblings:2 brothers 1 sister
Favorite Color:Red
Musical Influences: Jay-Z and R. Kelly
Discovered at the age of 15 by music producer Troy Taylor
signed with Atlantic a year after high school graduation

weird/interesting facts

Likes to draw
likes bowling
not a big fan of chocolate
likes strawberry ice cream
Rapping before he was singing
Belongs to a Petersburg, VA rap group called The 804 Boyz

i could go on but that's a lot there. if u want more just ask

Replied To: to know trey (Forum topic)
On: Aug 08, 2009

hey i'm all late but next time u have maintenance try and adding the old board to this new site...hehehehe i kid i kid but not really cuz the old Trey Songz Message Board do need to be on here cuz this one is a little blah! ok i'm done have a nice day :)

On: Aug 07, 2009
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