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Wow @ ya'll bumpin this old post of mine lol but thanks @babidollface1 I did have fun that night, Trey's like a big bro. He's really great and very kind hearted :)
lol @ariel girl you know you got some pics of you all snugged up with him too :p but thanks :)

On: Dec 29, 2010

hey i'm all late but next time u have maintenance try and adding the old board to this new site...hehehehe i kid i kid but not really cuz the old Trey Songz Message Board do need to be on here cuz this one is a little blah! ok i'm done have a nice day :)

On: Aug 07, 2009

i hate thisthing don't have quotes..ugh and to think they was tryna shut us down but

@quita yes ma'am if it's the Lord's will i will DEFINATELY be there

@juicy "bump" originally meant "" when we wrote storieson the board so the writing would know people are reading. then it turned into sayin "bump" to actually bump up the post so its the first thing people see/read when they sign on the board. I hope i explained that good :)

On: Aug 07, 2009

deadline tomorrow @ 11:59pm

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On: Aug 04, 2009

Deadline is Tuesday!

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On: Aug 01, 2009
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