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bump for the newbies....deadline approaching fast! good luck people. Remember the prize will be a personalized Trey Songz goodie don't want to miss out!!!!

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On: Jul 30, 2009

conrats girl...he's the best aint he :)

On: Jul 28, 2009

I went all out which I always do for Trey but this is different. This is big moment in time for him and he's showed me an unconditional love I could never pay him back for so I am obligated to show him my uncondtional love and support in return. Love you Trey and congratulations on everything. I wish you the best in success :)

P.S. i got my Connected Bundle package already set to go!

On: Jul 23, 2009

we just talkin to other tsmb folk guys hahahahaha let me not be difficult. I'm ten :D and an old tsmb member and i looooooooooooove trey sonz (like y'all didn't know that already HA!) and from h_town. ok that's all ;)

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On: Jul 23, 2009
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